About Us

What is ArtiStick?

ArtiStick is the professional choice of flowerstick for beginners from age 4 until 99.

It is the most flexible stick out there. We offer lifetime guarantee on the core.
You can play it with the knees and legs as well, and It is safe to catch it with any body part.
It is the lightest: flowerstick out there. one set weighs only 220 grams.
Our special durastick (r) material covers all of our sticks is simply the best we’ve ever tested. It makes playing smooth and fun,


Why do we make it?
Because we love to juggle with families on festivals and workshops and we simply couldn’t find a flowerstick on the market that was as easy to play as we wanted it to be. So we started making our own and constantly develeoped it. Now we are satisfied.

Why should you buy it?
This is the professional introduction into the world of juggling: a family game that can be played indoor and outdoor as well.
playing with 1 set will give you fun and increased connection with your inner child and the 2 hemispheres of your brain.
playing with 2 or more sets will give you memories of a lifetime with your loved ones . Accepting each other with our failures and mistakes while playing together creates a strong feeling of connection and trust.


How should you start it?

Watch our videos or search us in festivals!